Things that never happened before, happen all of the time. Today is not tomorrow. These are just a few observations with an important message: high reliability or high performance is never a steady-state but an ongoing seeking process. In our advisory we do not look for stable one-size fits all solutions. We work with the client to increase the capability to respond effectively to fast changing consequential events.  

Change management and interventions

We help organisations to develop and manage change with a focus on reliability, performance seeking and crisis management. We assist organisations in the type of change they aim for and what supporting infrastructure they need for change management. 

Knowledge management and software solutions 

We provide advice on the design and organisation of knowledge management within organisations. With our business partner Apollo 13 Consulting, we have developed a comprehensive online knowledge platform dedicated to High Reliabillity Organising. 

Concept development and multi-media tools

In our sister company we have brought together profesisonals in the creative disciplines to provide any consultancy on the use of various creative techniques to trigger behavioural change including the whole range of video, art work and printed materials.