drive to perform better

What do people do when they are left alone with a task they enjoy? They become kids again: curious, focused and committed. If work is about tasks we want to learn ourselves, we engage. Work feels like play. 

Our consultancy builds upon this innate drive to perform better by challenging work to be about: 

Play – being triggered to figure things out

The drive to perform better means we turn our inquiring mind to improve and learn. To find out what we need to do. We explore, experiment, try out things. 

Mastery – getting better and better at jour job

We seek advice, we listen to suggestions, we are open to others. We have fun. And we become better.   

Purpose  – making sense of the bigger picture

We have a need to direct our own lives, to learn and create new things, and to do better by ourselves and our world. We want our consultancy and training to draw on these positive psychological forces as a source of almost limitless renewable energy.

Flow – the total immersion in the task, to do well

As a result we see people who have a desire to do better and better each single day.