High Reliability Solutions (Ltd.) was founded by Marc Otten (PhD) in 2005 to support organisations to increase their performance by adopting new techniques inspired by reliability seeking (HRO), high performance organising (HPO) and managing crises and contingencies. 

He has studied High Reliability Organising (HRO) since working at Leiden University (1992) on crises and contingencies. HRO studies organisations and teams which out perform others and who have impressive safety and reliability records. Since 2003, he applied HRO to the field of mass event safety and security, particularly in the domain of football and mass sports events.

As partner of Apollo 13 (Since 2006), High Reliability Solutions is involved in HRO organisational development and change management in various industries and services. As one of the directors of the Crisis Research Team, The Hague (1998 to 2005) he consulted on improving crisis- and contingencies management capabilities of public and private organisations such as the railways, air traffic control, department of infrastructure, finance and IT infrastructure companies. 

He founded ContainR Media Ltd. in 2009 to create, design and map out distance learning Platforms: UEFA safety and security (2004 to present) and for the EU Match Commander and International Police Training Programme (2009 to present). These programmes involve multi-media training and scenario exercises that are produced by ContainR Media. The distance learning programme for UEFA now extends to 53 countries. ContainR Media created Gridd and Grazp, powerful software expertise systems that support learning and training for companies both on- and offline. 

He also served as Dean of Master Crisis and Disaster Management for the NSOB (Dutch School of Public Government, together with dr. M.J. van Duin and prof.dr. M.J. van Twist) from April 2006 to June 2010 and was Senior Fellow at UNICRI, United Nations Inter-Regional Crime Research Institute (from November 2004 to June 2006).

Marc Otten received his PhD in Political Science and Public Administration and holds a Masters Degree in Political Science and a Bachelors Degree in Chinese Language and Culture from Leiden University. During his PhD he was assistant editor, Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management (Blackwell), which served as one of the early channels for HRO publications.