HRO change management and organisational development:

  • Consultancy on HRO safety and reliability culture for a large global chemical process corporation based in Saudi Arabia (Octobre 2009 to present)
  • Consultancy on HRO incident response management for a large multinational bank (May 2012 to November 2012)
  • Consultancy on HRO performance improvement for one of the world’s largest airports (October 2009 to March 2012)
  • Co-founder of the European Network for HRO professionals (proHRO) since 2011
  • Senior consultant and project manager Dutch Railways (January 2001 – March 2006) for various projects related to crisis- and incident management and High Reliability Performance
  • Project manager Research programme Critical Infrastructure Technical University Delft (2004 – 2006) specialising in High Reliability Networks


Project manager Council of Europe, European Union and UEFA Safety and Security Expert Tool (SSET) (November 2008 to present) and responsibile for hosting SSET in 53 member countries of UEFA, including licence holders within clubs and police participating in UEFA competitions (Since 2010 to present)  

  • Responsible for licence policies and daily management, including the SSET support desk
  • Application and content management including application upgrades and content updates
  • Web hosting of the Safety and Security Expertise Tool (SSET). 


EU multi-media project manager Match Commander and International Police Training programme (February 2009 to present) includes course programming, hosting and facilitation of series of five-day courses involving professionals from over twenty countries in London (April 2011), Ossendrecht (March 2012), Liverpool (April 2012) and Lisbon (November 2012).

Programme and project manager current UEFA safety and security projects

  • Senior adviser, UEFA Stadium and security unit (May 2004 to present) 
  • Programme manager UEFA Stadium and Security Education Programme (March 2006 to present)
  • UEFA software development SSET online for tablets and mobile devices (December 2012 - June 2013) 
  • UEFA congress design and support (June 2007 to present); concept, development, projectmanagement and production of the annual UEFA-EU Champions league and Europa League pre-season conference 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013
  • UEFA workshop design and support (April 2012 to present); concept, development, projectmanagement and production of 2-day integrated police and stadium management training programme on event safety and security in various countries
  • UEFA video production (June 2005 to present) including production of over fifty videos on football disasters, recent incidents, club safety, crowd management, policing football, stadium safety, UEFA finals and other topics. 


NSOB (Dutch School of Public Government) Dean Master Crisis and Disaster Management (together with dr. M.J. van Duin and prof.dr. M.J. van Twist) from April 2006 to June 2010)  

Senior fellow UNICRI, United Nations Inter-Regional Crime Research Institute (from November 2004 to June 2006) responsible for drafting the major events security toolkit

Sector Director and Senior Consultant of the Crisis Research Center (1998 to 2005)  

  • High Reliability Evaluation of ICT incident response system of major Dutch Bank including organisation of workshops 
  • Senior consultant and project manager Dutch ministries: Interior, Justice, Finances, Transportation and Public Works, Health, Environment, Agriculture (April 1998 - October 2005)
  • Consultant and researcher Dutch railways, Dutch Air Traffic Control and Eurocontrol, Dutch Nuclear facilities and Airline companies
  • Researcher and writer position papers on Millennium preparations for the Dutch Cabinet (February - December 1999)
  • Researcher and teacher for the Dutch Public Prosecution’s Office education programme SSER (April 1998 - October 2005)
  • Project manager for regional and municipal authorities and public agencies (police, emergency management services) (April 1998 - October 2005).


Relevant products and assignments (selection) 


Grazp online training and scenario system (February 2012 - July 2012) that allows licence holders to use the Grazp expert database of multi-media exercises and multi-media scenario’s online while also allowing user great flexibility in content management e.g. the upload of exercises/scenarios/training media items and/or create playlists for any training purpose.  

Gridd software (February - October 2011), offline application (with online licence and content managment system) to support transfer of expertise and know-how, includes a full user-friendly interface that allows users to view, download and upload any type of media to either an expert menu  and/or personal playlists  

Conference concept, programme and art work European HRO Conference in the Hague (May - November 2011) 

UEFA (May 2010 to April 2011), concept, development, media production and course management of UEFA EURO 2012 integrated police and stadium manager 5-day training events for Poland and Ukraine  

Creation, design, software development and multi-media production for UEFA Safety and Security Integrated Training (SSIT) (May to December 2010) including production of 70 minutes of video supported scenarios

Creation, design, software development and multi-media production for UEFA Safety and Security Expertise Tool (SSET) (March to September 2009) including development of a 10GB expert database

UEFA (May – September 2008), producer interactive DVD on the Moscow UCL Final Good Practices

Stephenson Disaster Management Institute SDMI, New Orleans (April 2008), filming and directing DVD on all-hazard approach and future crises

National (Dutch) Exercise Valentine on outbreak of animal disease (February 2008), producer and director live News Broadcasts during the exercise (4hrs) 

National (Dutch) Crisis exercise Voyager (October 2007), director live News Reports and studio interviews during the exercise (6hrs, for exercise purposes) 

LCI (May 2007), producer and chair Exercise Outbreak Pandemic at World Congress of Disaster and Emergency Medicine, May 15

NUON (April 2007), video production for workshop High Reliability Organisations (HRO) 

UEFA (November 2006 – February 2007), coordinator workshops for National Associations Nyon Switzerland 

UEFA (April 2005 - March 2007), contents manager responsible for the development of the UEFA Stadium and Security Education Programme 2006 - 2012.

UEFA (March 2004 - March 2005), project manager and chief author of good practices UEFA EURO 2004. This project evaluated good practices of the EURO 2004 organisation of safety and security

UNICRI IPO (November 2004 - December 2005), author of the UNICRI Toolkit for security planners of major events

UNICRI EU-SEC (April 2005 – July 2006), senior consultant for the EU-SEC research program 2004 - 2008

PRORAIL, Evaluation of computer malfunction and implementation of lessons learnt for ProRail Dutch Railroad Infrastructure management (April 2005 - February 2006)

Dutch Home Office interim project on the reorganisation of the National Crisis Management organisation (January 2003 - May 2003), adviser to the project Director-General Safety and Security and author of the strategy paper on the new national structure of safety and security management in the Netherlands 

EURO 2000 (January - December 2000), chief editor of the overall evaluation of EURO 2000 commissioned by the Dutch Home Office

Strategy papers on Millennium preparation (1999-2000), first author of several papers for the Dutch Cabinet on how to prepare for the Y2K Millennium problem