slow learning

The STARS approach also recognises the part of SLOW LEARNING: change driven by small and scattered sections within the organisation that foster new ideas.

Pockets of expertise

Whenever new and challenging situations arise these are met by the organisation. These pockets of expertise prove often very valuable in uncovering good ideas and practices that deserve more attention. This bottom up process may be slow and incremental, but it is also tested and tried - and therefore an effective intervention strategy.  

Advance guard

In this intervention strategy, it starts with identifying the advance guard that has already built up its expertise and practices to deal with the unexpected or complex events. The advance guard operates often in a niche - and the key to this strategy is to provide them with a wider platform for their responses. 


We assist advance guards in translating their expertise and experience in effective pilots to test wider application within the organisation. These pilots are kept small in terms of costs and time and are built around proven expertise.