You are only as good as your next error. The reliability professional needs ongoing training to perform and to do it in a safe and reliable way. The need to update competences and skills to perform the job. That is important - but we concentrate on those qualities that help to make sense of ambiguous situations that may invite the next error. Those events that are not quite like the ones outlined in the textbook. What is needed is situational awareness, pattern recognition, tacit knowledge and maintaining an informed culture. Our training activities center on these essential features.

From one-day courses to programmes

We design and manage education and training programmes from one-day courses to week courses combining different type of education methods and settings with a strong emphasis on organisational practice. Theory is always linked to challenges in daily practice.  

Class-room based

We design and produce education events in classroom settings with the use of multi-media support and interactive workhop methods. Our education centers on the review of concrete cases, real-life challenges and ambiguous events that matter to the organisation.     


In our training programmes we organise study "tours" and staff-rides on location with the use of various methods such as gun drills, (after) action workshops and reviews, walk arounds and peer reviews.


Part of our training deals with multi-media simulations and exercises that can be conducted in several groups at the same time. We have different protocols for uploading organisation-specific case and simulation materials. If required, we also offer expert moderators for any of these exercises.