about us

High Reliability Solutions (Ltd.) was founded by Marc Otten (PhD) in 2005. HRS supports organisations that seek to improve the reliability and performance of their primary process and operations. 

From the very start, HRS operates as part of a network of experienced consultants, researchers and trainers in reliability seeking practices (HRO), high performance organising (HPO) and crisis and contingencies management. HRS also is one of the co-founders of the European proHRO network which has sister networks in the United States (www.prohro.com) and South-Africa.  

HRS ltd. and its network partners share some key principles driving consultancy and training:

  • We feel that consultancy and training is there to stimulate an ongoing questioning attitude by all organisational employees. Every day on all levels an organisation faces non-routine situations that call for sound professional judgement and action.
  • We think that consultancy and training should unlock such decisive events and experiences to the wider organisation – collective mindfulness and effective learning is the key to more reliable and higher performance.
  • We want consultancy and training to help you explore new behavior, to validate and test your routines, to challenge what you think works best in new settings. Training should center on your own practice as occasions for sense making. Training should help socializing effective problem-solving behavior within the organisation.


HRS Ltd. is also joined with the sister company ContainR Media Ltd. (see www.containrmedia.com) which brings together graphic designers, video producers, and software engineers to support and facilitate communication strategies and plans on HRO and HPO, to organise multi-media conferences and workshops and develop innovative ePlatform online applications for knowledge sharing and training within organisations.