top learning

The STARS approach includes change by TOP LEARNING: any chance has to be supported by the top management. Leadership backing and commitment towards HRO or HPO requires an intervention strategy that is focussed on leadership and management programmes. 

Management development

One of the recurring lessons in change management is the need for leadership commitment and the leadership imperative in freeing resources to effectively embark on new courses of action - but this commitment does not come out of the blue. The need and type of change needs to be firmly embedded in the management development programmes within organisations.

Management teams

This intervention strategy zooms in on management teams and their strategic position within the organisation to ensure sustainable change. On this level, interventions center around agenda-setting and embedding change management in all levels of the organisation - starting from the top. We focus on several aspects related to inspiration and vision that can be communicated to the organisation, providing the drive is to change. 

Action review

Intervention tools are many. But we focus especially on those instruments that connect top management with the organisational practice and vice versa. We offer action reviews that use a code of practice or unexpected event to identify small and quick wins.